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LaTeCH 2011

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ACL 2011 workshop on:

Language Technology for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, and Humanities

Friday June 24, 2011 - Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront, Portland, Oregon, USA


9:10–9:40Extending the tool, or how to annotate historical language varieties
Cristina Sánchez-Marco, Gemma Boleda and Lluís Padró      [slides]
9:40–10:10A low-budget tagger for Old Czech
    Jirka Hana, Anna Feldman and Katsiaryna Aharodnik      [slides]
10:10–10:30Evaluating an ' off-the-shelf ' POS-tagger on Early Modern German text
    Silke Scheible, Richard J. Whitt, Martin Durrell and Paul Bennett      [slides]
10:30–11:00Coffee break
11:00–11:10e-Research for Linguists
    Dorothee Beermann and Pavel Mihaylov      [slides]
11:10–11:15Automatic linguistic annotation of historical language: ToTrTaLe and XIX century Slovene
    Tomaž Erjavec      [slides]
11:15–11:20Historical Event Extraction from Text
    Agata Katarzyna Cybulska and Piek Vossen      [slides]
11:20–11:30Enrichment and Structuring of Archival Description Metadata
    Kalliopi Zervanou, Ioannis Korkontzelos, Antal van den Bosch and Sophia Ananiadou      [slides]
11:30–11:40Structure-Preserving Pipelines for Digital Libraries
    Massimo Poesio, Eduard Barbu, Egon Stemle and Christian Girardi      [slides]
11:40–11:45The ARC Project: Creating logical models of Gothic cathedrals using natural language processing
    Charles Hollingsworth, Stefaan Van Liefferinge, Rebecca A. Smith, Michael A. Covington and Walter D. Potter      [slides]
11:45–11:55Crowdsourcing syntactic relatedness judgements for opinion mining in the study of information technology adoption
    Asad Sayeed, Bryan Rusk, Martin Petrov, Hieu Nguyen, Timothy Meyer and Amy Weinberg      [slides]
12:00–13:00Poster Session
13:00–14:00Lunch break
14:00–14:30Topic Modeling on Historical Newspapers
    Tze-I Yang, Andrew Torget and Rada Mihalcea      [slides]
14:30–15:00Automatic Verb Extraction from Historical Swedish Texts
    Eva Pettersson and Joakim Nivre      [slides]
15:00–15:30What We Know About The Voynich Manuscript
    Sravana Reddy and Kevin Knight      [slides]
15:30–16:00Coffee break
16:00–16:30From Once Upon a Time to Happily Ever After: Tracking Emotions in Novels and Fairy Tales
    Saif Mohammad      [slides]
16:30–17:00Author Age Prediction from Text using Linear Regression
    Dong Nguyen, Noah A. Smith and Carolyn P. Rosé      [slides]
17:00–17:30A Study of Academic Collaborations in Computational Linguistics using a Latent Mixture of Authors Model
    Nikhil Johri, Daniel Ramage, Daniel McFarland and Daniel Jurafsky      [slides]