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LaTeCH 2012

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Instructions for Presentations

Oral presentations are slide presentations, followed by a short discussion and questions time. The duration of the talk and questions time depends on the paper type:

Poster presentations start with a short slide presentation during the poster boaster session, followed by a poster session for more detailed poster presentation, questions and discussion:

For more detailed instructions presenters may also refer to the EACL instructions for posters.

All slide presentations: All presenters and especially those of the first poster boaster session are strongly adviced to email their slide presentations to the organisers by Friday 20 April. The presentation file name and the email subject line should be of the following format: PresentationNoXX_PresenterName, where the presentation number indicates the order of the presentation in the Workshop Programme, e.g. for the first presentation: 1_Kenter.ppt, for the second 2_Dingemanse.pdf, etc.

The EACL organisers will provide standard presentation facilities. If you need sound (loud-speakers) or other facilities, please let us know as soon as possible.