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LaTeCH 2012

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EACL 2012 workshop on:

Language Technology for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, and Humanities

April 24, 2012 - Avignon, France


Poster Boaster Session: Tools & Resources
9:05–9:10Lexicon construction and corpus annotation of historical language with the CoBaLT editor
Tom Kenter, Tomaž Erjavec, Maja Žorga Dulmin and Darja Fišer [slides]
9:10–9:15A high speed transcription interface for annotating primary linguistic data
Mark Dingemanse, Jeremy Hammond, Herman Stehouwer, Aarthy Somasundaram and Sebastian Drude [slides]
9:15–9:20BAD: An Assistant tool for making verses in Basque
Manex Aguirrezabal Zabaleta, Iñaki Alegria Loinaz, Bertol Arrieta Kortajarena and Mans Hulden [slides]
9:20–9:25Toward language independent methodology for generating artwork descriptions – Exploring FrameNet information
Dana Dannélls and Lars Borin [slides]
9:25–9:30Harvesting indices to grow a controlled vocabulary
Michael Piotrowski and Cathrin Senn [slides]
9:30–9:35Ontology-based incremental annotation of characters in folktales
Thierry Declerck, Nikolina Koleva and Hans-Ulrich Krieger [slides]
9:35–10:30Poster session & Coffee break
Oral Session 1: Applications in Humanities & Social Sciences
10:30–11:00Advanced visual analytics methods for literature analysis
Daniela Oelke, Dimitrios Kokkinakis and Mats Malm [slides]
11:00–11:30Distributional techniques for philosophical enquiry
Aurélie Herbelot, Eva von Redecker and Johanna Müller [slides]
11:30–12:00Linguistically-adapted structural query annotation for digital libraries in the social sciences
Caroline Brun, Vassilina Nikoulina and Nikolaos Lagos [slides]
12:00–12:30Parsing the past – Identification of verb constructions in historical text
Eva Pettersson, Beáta Megyesi and Joakim Nivre [slides]
12:30–14:00Lunch break
Oral Session 2: Cultural Heritage Objects
14:00–14:30A classical Chinese corpus with nested part-of-speech tags
John Lee [slides]
14:30–15:00Computing similarity between cultural heritage items using multimodal features
Nikolaos Aletras and Mark Stevenson [slides]
15:00–15:20Enabling the discovery of digital cultural heritage objects through Wikipedia
Mark Michael Hall, Oier Lopez de Lacalle, Aitor Soroa Etxabe, Paul Clough and Eneko Agirre [slides]
15:20–15:40Adapting wikification to cultural heritage
Samuel Fernando and Mark Stevenson [slides]
15:40–16:10Coffee break
Oral Session 3: Historical & Handwritten Documents
16:10–16:30Natural language processing framework for handwritten text line detection in legacy documents
Vicente Bosch, Alejandro Héctor Toselli and Enrique Vidal [slides]
16:30–16:50Language classification and segmentation of noisy documents in Hebrew scripts
Alex Zhicharevich and Nachum Dershowitz [slides]
Discussion Session
16:50–17:30Towards a Special Interest Group in Language Technology for the Humanities
Kalliopi Zervanou, Caroline Sporleder and Antal van den Bosch
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