ATILA 2008
ATILA 2008

ATILA is the annual research meeting of the CNTS (Antwerp), ILK (Tilburg), and LT3 (Ghent) research groups. We are very happy to announce that the invited speaker for ATILA 2008 will be Khalil Sima'an (ILLC, University of Amsterdam).


ATILA-2008 will be held at Cultural Congress Center Elzenveld, Antwerp, on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 October 2008. Elzenveld is located in the centre of Antwerp, within walking distance of Antwerp Central Station and the CNTS offices.


The programme, including abstracts, is available here.


Previous ATILA meetings

  1. 02-02-1995, RUL, Maastricht (a.k.a. ATILAMA)
    • Guests: Ton Weijters, Eric Postma
  2. 15-10-1997, KUB, Tilburg
  3. 11-05-1999, De Notelaer, Hingene
    • Topic: "Memory-based learning crisis"
    • Guest: Luc Dehaspe
  4. 29-11-1999, Scryption, Tilburg
    • Topic: "Feature selection, construction, cascaded classifiers"
    • Guest: Hans van Halteren
  5. 20-12-2000, MUHKA, Antwerpen
    • Topic: "Psycholinguistics"
  6. 19-06-2002, De Vier Jaargetijden, Tilburg
    • Guest: Yuval Krymolowsky
  7. 03-09-2003, Kasteel Middelheim, Antwerpen
  8. 06-10-2004, Textielmuseum, Tilburg
    • Guest: Valentin Jijkoun
  9. 28/29-11-2005, Priorij Corsendonk, Oud-Turnhout
    • Guests: Harald Baayen, Mirjam Ernestus, Joakim Nivre
  10. 14/15-11-2006, Priorij Corsendonk, Oud-Turnhout
    • Guests: Eneko Agirre, Oier Lopez de Lacalle
  11. 14-11-2007, Het Pand, Gent
    • Guest: Michael Carl