Travelling directions

Participants should enter the Efteling park through the regular main entrance (the large Indonesian-style wood/reed construction) and can park their car on the regular Efteling parking compound (once in Kaatsheuvel, follow the "P" signs).

Once in the park, signs will lead you to the Carroussel-palace. As a rule, walk straight ahead along the new central promenade, and turn left at the rotonde with the pond. The entrance of the Carroussel-palace is facing the steam train track (northwards).


By public transport

The best route to the Efteling with public transport, from ANY direction, is to take the train to Tilburg Central station and take bus 136 or 137 (direction 's Hertogenbosch via Waalwijk; time table see below), which takes 19 minutes.

Tilburg Central has direct train connections to Den Haag / Rotterdam / Breda, to Roosendaal / Breda, to 's Hertogenbosch / Zwolle (coming from Utrecht or Amsterdam, go to 's Hertogenbosch and change to the train direction Tilburg / Roosendaal), and to Eindhoven / Venlo (from South Limburg, go directly to Eindhoven and change to the train direction Tilburg / Rotterdam / Den Haag). There is a straight bus connection from 's Hertogenbosch (direction Tilburg via Waalwijk) to the Efteling, but this takes 55 minutes.


Read on for more detailed information:

Buses to and from Kaatsheuvel/Efteling go to and from train stations in 's Hertogenbosch Central and Tilburg Central. Please check the NS travel information web site for train times.

A note on buses: since the Efteling season is over, buses will not stop at the regular bus stop of the Efteling, but across the street in Kaatsheuvel. The times mentioned below go with a standard bus company disclaimer that times may change.

Buses TO Kaatsheuvel/Efteling go from train stations 's Hertogenbosch Central and Tilburg Central:

Buses FROM Kaatsheuvel/Efteling to train stations 's Hertogenbosch Central and Tilburg Central:


By car, from within the Netherlands

From Rotterdam: (A16), direction Dordrecht-Breda, exit 's-Hertogenbosch (A59), direction Waalwijk / Kaatsheuvel (N261), follow signs "Efteling".

From Utrecht: (A2), direction 's-Hertogenbosch, exit Gorinchem-Breda (A27), exit Waalwijk (A59), at Waalwijk follow signs "Efteling" (N261)

From Breda and Eindhoven: direction Tilburg (A58), exit Tilburg-West / Goirle / Efteling (N261), from here follow signs "Efteling" (direction Waalwijk / Kaatsheuvel).

By car, from Belgium

From Brussels or Ghent: (150 km) direction Antwerpen;

From Antwerpen: (90 km) direction Breda. In the Netherlands, take the first exit direction Tilburg (A58), exit Tilburg-West / Goirle / Efteling (N261). Follow signs "Efteling" (direction Waalwijk / Kaatsheuvel).

From Liège: direction Maastricht-Eindhoven. In Eindhoven direction Tilburg, exit Tilburg-West / Goirle / Efteling. Follow signs "Efteling" (direction Waalwijk / Kaatsheuvel).