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Computational Linguistic Aspects of Grammatical Inference
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Accepted Papers

Dana Angluin and Leonor Becerra-Bonache Experiments Using OSTIA for a Language Production Task
Marie-Hélène Candito, Benoit Crabbé and Djamé Seddah On statistical parsing of French with supervised and semi-supervised strategies
Alexander Clark, Remi Eyraud and Amaury Habrard A note on contextual binary feature grammars
Jeroen Geertzen Dialogue Act Prediction Using Stochastic Context-Free Grammar Induction
Jorge González and Francisco Casacuberta GREAT: a finite-state machine translation toolkit implementing a Grammatical Inference Approach for Transducer Inference (GIATI)
Franco M. Luque and Gabriel Infante-Lopez Upper Bounds for Unsupervised Parsing with Unambiguous Non-Terminally Separated Grammars
Katya Pertsova A comparison of several learners for Boolean partitions: implications for morphological paradigm
Herman Stehouwer and Menno van Zaanen Language models for contextual error detection and correction
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