Dimbl: Distributed TiMBL
Dimbl: Distributed TiMBL
Dimbl: Distributed TiMBL

Dimbl is a wrapper around the k-nearest neighbor classifier in TiMBL, offering parallel classification on multi-CPU machines. Dimbl is released as beta software, and is written by Ko van der Sloot.

Dimbl splits the original training set, builds separate TiMBL classifiers per training subset, and merges their nearest-neighbor sets per classified instance


  • Wraps neatly around TiMBL, retaining all command line options
  • Knows what to do with your multiple, duo, or quad cores
  • Makes use of the OpenMP specification for parallel programming, if available (e.g. when using gcc 4.2)
  • Can attain superlinear speed gains compared to standard TiMBL

Dimbl is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.


You can read about Dimbl in the following paper:


Download and installation

Consult these installation instructions for details on how to install this software if you are using a Debian, Ubuntu, or Fedora-based system. If you want to build the code from source yourself, download

To install, please follow these basic instructions:

Archived versions

You can find archived versions of Timbl in our public software repository: