Advances in Computer Games 10

H.J. van den Herik, H. Iida, and E.A. Heinz (eds.)

Computer Science Department
Universiteit Maastricht
ISBN 1402077092

Table of Contents



Evaluation Function Tuning via Ordinal Correlation
D. Gomboc, T.A. Marsland, M. Buro

First Experimental Results of ProbCut Applied to Chess
A.X. Jiang, M. Buro

Search versus Knowledge: An Empirical Study of Minimax on KRK
A. Sadikov, I. Bratko, I. Kononenko

Static Recognition of Potential Wins in KNNKB and KNNKN
E.A. Heinz

Model Endgame Analysis
G.McC. Haworth, R.B. Andrist

Chess Endgames: Data and Strategy
J.A. Tamplin, G.McC.Haworth

Evaluation in Go by a Neural Network using Soft Segmentation
M. Enzenberger

When One Eye is Sufficient: A Static Classification
R. Vila, T. Cazenave

DF-PN in Go: An Application on the One-Eye Problem
A. Kishimoto, M. Müler

Learning to Score Final Positions in the Game of Go
E.C.D. van der Werf, H.J. van den Herik, J.W.H.M. Uiterwijk

Monte-Carlo Go Developments
B. Bouzy, B. Helmstetter

Static Analysis by Incremental Computation in Go Programming
K. Nakamura

Building the Checkers 10-piece Endgame Databases
J. Schaeffer, Y. Björnsson, N. Burch, R. Lake, P. Lu, S. Sutphen

The 7-piece Perfect Play Lookup Database for the Game of Checkers
E. Trice, G. Dodgan

Search and Knowledge in Lines of Action
D. Billings, Y. Björnsson

An Evaluation Function for Lines of Action
M.H.M. Winands, H.J. van der Herik, J.W.H.M. Uiterwijk

Solving 7x7 Hex: Virtual Connections and Game-State Reduction
R.Hayward, Y. Björnsson, M.Johanson, M. Kan, N. Po, J. van Rijswijck

Automated indentification of Patterns in Evaluation Functions
T. Kaneko, Y. Yamaguchi, S. Kawai

An Evaluation Function for the Game of Amazons
J. Lieberum

Opponent-Model Search in Bao: Conditions for a Successful Application
H.H.L.M. Donkers, H.J. van den Herik, J.W.H.M. Uiterwijk

Computer Programming of Kriegspiel Endings: The Case of KR versus K
A. Bolognesi, P. Ciancarini

Searching with Analysis of Dependencies in a Solitaire Card Game
B. Helmstetter, T. Cazenave

Solving the Oshi-Zumo Game
M. Buro

New Games Related to Old and New Sequences
A.S. Fraenkel

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