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ICGA members receive the ICGA Journal four times each year. This includes the latest thinking in the Artificial Intelligence of game-playing on computers. It also includes reports of the latest Computer-Computer and Man-Machine events.

ICGA members are also entitled to compete in our Computer-Computer and Man-Machine events.

To join, please fill in the subscription form and to pay your subscription to the ICGA use the Paypal button below, or one of the other methods of payment described here.

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Payment Options

To subscribe as an ICGA member (which entitles you to receive the four issues of the Journal for that year), you may pay the annual subscription fee in US dollars, Euro's or UK pounds. The subscription fee is currently US $ 50.--, € 40.-- or UK £ 25.--. You may also pay the equivalent in any other major European currency provided the equivalent of 15 US dollars is added to cover currency conversion cost.

To pay your subscription fee of € 40.-- (plus € 2.-- administration fee) you can now use PayPal:

You may now pay by credit card from any country. To pay by VISA or MASTERCARD credit card, send your order with a written authorisation (name, card number, expiry date, amount, and your signature), by fax to:

          c/o Hiroyuki Iida
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
1-1, Asahidai, Nomi, Ishikawa 923-1292
Email: iida@jaist.ac.jp

For payment by cheque (or cash), from the United Kingdom send your order and payment to:

c/o David Levy
34, Courthope Road, Hampstead
London, NW3 2LD, UK
Email: davidlevylondon@yahoo.com

Payment may be as follows:
UK pounds or US dollars, cash, and
cheques for UK pounds, from a UK bank account.

For payment by cheque (or cash) from North America and all other subscriptions, renewals and orders of back issues, readers should send their orders and payment to

c/o Prof. dr. H.J. van den Herik
Universiteit van Tilburg, TiCC,
P.O. Box 90153, 5000 LE Tilburg / The Netherlands
Email: info@icga.org

Payment may be made as follows:
Cheques for US dollars, from a North American bank.
Euro's in cash: € 40.--;
Direct bank transfer from abroad: € 45.--;
all other cheques: € 45.--.

Though it is primitive, valid banknotes in UK pounds, US dollars, or Euro's are still an effective way of paying your dues. Also it is the cheapest way to transfer your dues free of all charges to the ICGA. Postal regulations require that banknotes are sent by registered mail.

For the convenience of readers in countries allowing direct transfer to Dutch banks, payment may be made to the ABN/AMRO bank, account no. 45 07 90 878, Tilburg, The Netherlands. Swiftcode of the bank reads: ABNANL 2R. IBAN Code: NL60ABNA0450790878.

It is vital that the cheque be from a bank of the same country as the currency. International money orders are acceptable only if made out to Prof. dr. H.J. van den Herik by name.

Please include a correct statement of your mailing address. (We keep receiving payments without addresses!) Should your mailing label be erroneous or when changing residence, please return an amended label to Prof. dr. Van den Herik.