ICGA Membership and Sponsorship Opportunities

The ICGA in a not-for-profit association which has always depended on the support of its Members and Sponsors. It has been associated with many famous Computer and Man-Machine game-events, including its own World Computer Chess Championship, the Computer Olympiads, and most recently the Kasparov chess matches against Deep Blue and Deep Junior.

The ICGA sanctioned the momentous "Rematch" between the World's Number One chess player, Garry Kasparov, and the World's Computer Chess Champion, Deep Junior. The ICGA defined the rules of the event and these have been hailed as providing the fairest Man-Machine contest to date.

The ICGA wishes to continue its work, fostering developments in the Man-Machine area ... the creation of intelligent machines, the relationship of Man and Machine both in competition and in synergy, the computer as tutor, entertainer, mentor and so on – adding value to our experience of game-playing.

The ICGA will be presenting its future activities and events via the web to a world-wide audience. This provides individuals and enterprises with a valuable opportunity to support our activities in a visible way and be recognised here for their donations.

Please accept our invitation to become an ICGA Member and/or an ICGA Sponsor. We thank you in advance for your interest and support.