Memory-based language processing

Walter Daelemans, Antal van den Bosch (2005)

Memory-Based Language Processing

Studies in Natural Language Processing
Cambridge University Press

ISBN-10: 0521808901 | ISBN-13: 9780521808903

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Table of contents

  1. Memory-based learning in natural language processing
  2. Inspirations from linguistics and artificial intelligence
  3. Memory and similarity
  4. Application to morpho-phonology
  5. Application to shallow parsing
  6. Abstraction and generalization
  7. Extensions


Software used in the book

Tilburg Memory-Based Learner v6.1
download manual
Memory-Based Tagger v3.1
download manual
Family-Based Learner v2.3
download manual
Wrapped progressive sampling parameter search v1.0 beta
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  • Equation 3.2 on page 29, defining δ(xi , yi), takes the absolute value of ((xi-yi) / (maxi-mini)) as the numerical distance.

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