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DEMOCRAT is a consensus machine translation (MT) system. It stands for Deciding between Multiple Outputs Created by Automatic Translation. It takes the output of several MT systems and combines the translations in one, hopefully, better translation. How the system works internally and some results of the system have been published in "DEMOCRAT: Deciding between Multiple Outputs Created by Automatic Translation", Menno van Zaanen and Harold Somers, Proceedings of the 10th Machine Translation Summit, Phuket, Thailand, pp. 173-180, 2005. PDF BibTeX entry If you have any questions or would like to see some additional information, please let me know. Please note that when you download it, you will need to register with me (so I can keep track of who uses it). Your email address will NOT be used for anything else. If you want to know about future releases of my software, you can indicate this, but the default is not to let you know. Register the software with me at: <>. It is free and your email address will not be misused!!! (I'm just curious who is using it and why.) Download