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    Vogt, P. and Coumans, H. (2002) Exploring the impact of contextual input on the evolution of word-meaning In B. Hallam, D. Floreano, J. Hallam, G. Hayes and J.-A. Meyer (Eds.) Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference of The Society for Adaptive Behavior SAB2002 MIT Press. Long version

    Abstract This paper investigates how different types of non-verbal input influence the bootstrapping and evolution of lexicons. This is done by comparing three language game models that differ in the type of input they use. The simulations show that the language games that use either joint attention or corrective feedback as a source of contextual input are better capable of bootstrapping a lexicon than the game without such precise and directed input. The simulation of the latter game, however, does show that it is possible to develop a lexicon without using directed input when the lexicon is transmitted from generation to generation.